Over A Quarter-Million Miles On Her Scion tC

May 27th, 2015 by

Anyone that has said 100,000 miles on a car is too many miles has never met Misha Bijjani. Misha just stopped by our new Toyota Scion dealership yesterday to get her 2005 Scion tC serviced.

Misha purchased her vehicle at Rockingham years back and has been having her tC serviced with us ever since. What makes Misha’s tC so special? Her Scion tC just hit the 318,000 mile marker!! That’s no type-o… her vehicle has 318,000+ miles! In fact, the reason Misha visited our dealership yesterday was because her car’s Key Fob was wearing out and she literally needed to replace it with a new key.

We all know Toyota has a long-lasting life span, but 318,000 miles is an incredible mile-stone to hit. When we asked Misha if she’s ready to upgrade to something newer with less miles, she responded saying that she’s excited to push the limits and hit half of a million miles! I’m sure we will see Misha back at the dealership in another few years with 500,000 miles on her odometer. Good luck Misha!

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