Cricket is patiently waiting for Forever at SARL

November 29th, 2018 by

A little about me:

I am a male senior citizen ball of fluff pushing 12.   I have a relaxed “No Worries” energy about me.  I’m a firm believer in getting plenty of sleep.  It keeps me young!  I like to hide out in cabinets and sleep the hours away but I am playful and love a dripping faucet.  I will shower myself in the drips and drink it in too.  I take good care of my coat but also love for someone to comb my hair!  My coat is super soft like a fluffy stuffed animal you want to snuggle up with.  You may be saying to yourself, “WOW, what a cool cat!”.  You are right, I totally am a cool cat!  Here’s the thing,  I am full circle back at SARL where I met my first person.  My first person was bummed out to let me go but it was for the best.  I recently developed diabetes and need insulin and a diabetic diet.  The hope is that if I stick with my diet, I can eventually come off of the insulin.  I am so chill, I don’t even notice when I am getting my twice daily insulin injections!  True story.  I’ve been with SARL for a month now and have my paws crossed that my forever family will be able to take care of my medical needs.

About you:

  • Must Love Cats
  • Must Love Aged Cats
  • Must Love Fluffy Aged Cats
  • Must Love Fluffy Aged Cats with Diabetes
  • Must Love Rubbing My Belly in your free time
  • Must have about an extra $150 per month at this time to spare for my diabetic needs. (that should include my diet food, needles, and insulin)

I am patiently waiting for my forever but I’m not getting any younger here!  You can find me in Salem New Hampshire at Salem Animal Rescue League most likely chilling out in a cabinet taking a cat nap.  Come by to visit me and comb my fluffy jacket, I love that!  I’m ready if you are!

*Update-Cricket has been Adopted!*