Cement is Poured and the Interior Designing Begins

October 7th, 2014 by

October 7, 2014 – Week 17 of Construction

The ground has been poured and the interior construction has begun! The exterior of the building is beginning to look like a car dealership as the open face walls will be made of crystal clear glass when all is said and done.

October 7, 2014  -  Week 17 of Construction

The service department (to the far right in blue) will have a drive-thru for you to bring your vehicle right into the garage! That part of the building is nearing completion as the electrical work begins. With the cold weather coming, the exterior facades of the building should be put up within the next few weeks.

The construction is still on pace to be completed by DECEMBER! Only a few short months away… it’s exciting to think that the beginning of 2014 this building will be fully functional! How time flies…

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