Brody's Pet Accessories Corner

If you've been into the Toyota   dealership lately, you may have seen a big, white, fluffy dog laying   around in one of the showrooms. His name is Brody and he's a Golden   Retriever who just happens to have snow white fur. He turned 5 years old on March 6th, 2014.

We love animals, so much in fact that we've decided to make the dealership PET FRIENDLY. So if you need to have your car serviced or are just   shopping around, you can bring your pooch along for the ride! We also   would LOVE to take a photo of you and your pet to post in "Brody's Corner", a section of our merchandise that features products to keep   your pet safe in the car. The pet products we now have for sale include   seat belts, pet carriers, back seat barriers, and safety harnesses.

The Pet Travel Barrier™ from Bergan is now available at Rockingham Toyota. This product can certainly make   driving with your pet safer. It is made from a breathable and durable   material that can help prevent your pet from hopping into the driver   seat.

Another great product we carry is a Poncho Car Seat Protector by Bergan.   This will help keep your car seats clean and dry as well as make the   seat even more comfortable for your pet. The Seat Protector is   waterproof as well as machine washable!

What about buckling Fido in? Well Bergan makes a Travel Harness that makes it easy for you to keep your pet in its car seat.  The harness comes in four adjustable sizes so pets from 10 pounds to 150 pounds are safe and secure. Bergan has   also performed "durability testing" to ensure that the harness can   withstand sudden stops or accelerations of your vehicle. Bergan is   making an effort to create and sell products to lower the extremely high   amount of car accidents that are caused by unrestrained pets each year.   Learn more about this effort and spread more awareness here, Paws to Click .

Also available from our "Pet Corner" is a different kind of pet safety belt from PetBuckle Brand.   It comes available in two different sizes, one for pets less than 20   pounds and the other for pets over 20 pounds. This harness can be used   to secure your pet with either a normal seat belt, with a LATCH bar or to a cargo area. Humans need to buckle up, so why not pets too!!

How about feeding your pet on the go? No problem! We carry this Travel Feeder from Bergan to make traveling   with pet food simple and mess-free. The design of the Travel Feeder   allows for portion control as well as easy removal for cleaning.

What about keeping your pet hydrated? We also carry these collapsible Travel Bowls made by Bergan that can hold up to 14 cups of water or food! With a dual layered design, the contents will surely stay fresh.

Other options for traveling with your pet's food or water include products from Portable Pet such as aPorta BottleWater Boy and Lunchbox. All are perfect for travel and can be easily cleaned and stored!

We also carry the Pet Comfort Carrier made by Bergan. This pet carrier has a fleece bed and properventilation   to make sure your pet is comfortable as well as a safety belt loop so   your pet can be buckled in with a car seat belt. It is also   appropriately sized to be carried on to an airplane. The padded shoulder   strap make it more comfortable for you to carry your pet to and from!

We hope to see you and your pet around the dealership soon!

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