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Brody recently had a quick decline in health over the past few weeks/days.  He had been fighting Lymphoma, an all too common cancer among dogs.  Brody passed away yesterday afternoon.

Brody has been a big part of our company and family for the past 10 years.  Many of you, who were here back then, can remember him as a puppy sleeping in the halls at the old Toyota and Honda buildings. He earned his keep by mooching for food and sunbathing in the lower showroom.  He eventually worked his way up to star in our commercials and on billboards. Even the vet specialist who has been treating Brody recognized him from one of our YouTube commercials.

He loved his daily routine of getting in the backseat of the car, driving to work, taking a 6-hour nap, mooching off those who would slip him some food at lunch (you know who you are), and his regular trashcan inspection tour.  He had a lot of regular visitors who just wanted to see him and say hello every day. Brody brought a lot of smiles to many people, and we will all miss him very much.

Olive has some big paws to fill, but I think she’s ready for the task.

Thank you for everyone’s love and support.


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