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The world's most valuable car brand- Toyota, says one study

Check out this article recently published in "Autoweek" magazine which talks about how Toyota is the #1 most valuable car brand in the world!

Study says Toyota is still the most valuable car brand in the world
JUNE 6, 2017

Toyota defended its title as the world’s most valuable car brand in a new ranking, holding…

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Congratulations to this year's Salem HS Senior Safe Night Winner

Salem High School's Senior Safe Night is an evening where the graduating class of Salem High School spends the entire night inside the school with a number of fun and exciting activities to do. For the SIXTEENTH year in a row, Rockingham Toyota Honda has donated to this amazing event, where one lucky graduate is able to drive home with a new set of wheels. The grand prize this year was a 2002 Toyota Corolla!

And this year's grand prize winner....?

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Over A Quarter-Million Miles On Her Scion tC

Anyone that has said 100,000 miles on a car is too many miles has never met Misha Bijjani. Misha just stopped by our new Toyota and Scion dealership yesterday to get her 2005 Scion tC serviced.

What makes Misha's tC so special? Her Scion tC just hit the 318,000 mile marker!! That's no type-o... her vehicle has 318,000+ miles! In fact, the reason Misha visited our dealership yesterday was because…
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It's Finally Time To Move!

April 29, 2015  -  Week 46 of Construction

It's finally here! Our official move-in date for the brand new, state-of-the-art Toyota and Scion facilities has been announced. The new building will officially be open for business on Monday, May 4th, 2015. With just under a week to go until we are fully operational, the construction team at Jewett Construction are putting the final touches on the building and making sure everything is functioning properly.

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Toyota And Scion Logos Are Up

March 23, 2015  -  Week 41 of Construction

With our "unofficial" move-in date just a few weeks away, the construction team at Jewett Construction is finishing up all the minor details around the dealership so we have an easy move-in day. The furniture is in place, the walls are up, flooring is down and everything is just about ready for us to move in!


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Just A Few Short Weeks From Moving Into Our New Home

February 19, 2015  -  Week 36 of Construction

Our new Toyota building is almost ready to go! The flooring has been set, couches for the customer lounges have been installed and the offices are starting to look like offices. The main showroom is beginning to come together with desks and stations set in place along with the new floor ties and ceiling lights. Check it out:

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Wiring, Flooring, Service Bays and Much More

January 21, 2015  -  Week 32 of Construction

It's exciting watching the dealership change from an empty warehouse-like structure to a brand new Toyota dealership! This week, the construction team is finalizing the wiring around the dealership and moving on to the next step... flooring! The showroom tiles are being set, and the laying of tiles is more than halfway done in the sales department! Check it out:

The showroom isn't the only part…
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One Month Until Our Grand Opening

January 2, 2015  -  Week 29 of Construction

2015 is finally here! What a year it's been. With the construction entering the final stretch, the building just about 30 days from the grand opening! The ground has been PAVED and the building looks like a new dealership! Take a peek:

As the end of the month grows near, the new dealership is looking better and better! We are extremely excited for our Grand Opening later…
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