Toyota to Bring Six Hybrid Models to Fruition in 2012

There's no denying that the Toyota Prius changed the landscape of the automotive market for the better. Every automaker out there is now trying to imitate the success of the lauded hybrid and for good reason. Hybrid models like the Prius simply represent the future of the automotive industry as a whole. Still, even we here at Rockingham Toyota must admit that the competition has done a pretty good job furthering the development of electric, hybrid, and alternative fuel vehicles, which is why Toyota is planning to announce six new hybrid models in the 2012 model year to gain further traction in the emerging market.

So far, Toyota has been keeping a tight lid on details surrounding the new hybrid models. The Japanese automaker does, however, claim that only four of the six models will be released under the Cylindrical T badge, while the two others will be made under their luxury arm's watch. They're also saying that three of the six models will be entirely new vehicles, not based on any previous entries into the market. Meanwhile, the other three will be based on existing platforms and technologies.

While such a bold move might seem shocking to some, we are talking about the automaker that has managed to expand their first hybrid from a single model to a lineup of models to cater to different drivers' needs. Not only does the original Prius continue to gain traction, but so do emerging models in the lineup, like the all-new Toyota Prius v, and upcoming Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid and recently-announced Toyota Prius C.

That said, Rockingham Toyota, located at 354 Main Street Salem, New Hampshire 03079, would like to know what you think. Will Toyota continue to expand the Prius lineup with these new models in 2012? Or will the company opt to create a second hybrid brand? Feel free to leave us a comment, and be sure to check back for more info on this exciting development, as we're dedicated to keeping you informed!

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