Toyota Enters the Rental Market

In an effort to gain an edge in sales volume, Toyota has decided to enter an area they have tried to avoid in the past.  The Japanese automaker has decided to enter the uncharted territory of the rental market.  Why has the automaker been hesitant to sell vehicles to rental companies and professional fleets in the past? The reasoning is actually quite simple.  By selling to rental companies and professional fleets the market would quickly…

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Toyota Developing New Motor Technologies to Combat Rare Materials Shortage

In response to China's government-mandated reduction of sales for rare-earth materials that are often used in electric and hybrid auto models, Toytoa, hybrid auto pioneer of the Toyota Prius family, has stated it has been working on a long-term approach to the problem, which includes developing induction-type electric motors. The Japanese automaker asserts it is in an "advanced stage" of development for these motors, which would undercut the need for rare materials like dysprosium…

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