Toyota Launches a Google+ Page

Google+ may be a relatively new social networking platform, but that hasn't stopped Toyota from hopping right on the bandwagon. Google recently added official business pages as a feature to the site, and among the first attempting to engage fans is our favorite Japanese automaker.

This move makes perfect sense, of course, as Toyota is quite active other social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter. The Toyota Facebook page can be found at, while they can be followed at @Toyota on Twitter, sharing updates regarding industry news, production models, and hot, new concepts with eager "fans" and "followers" alike.

What makes the Toyota Google+ page so exciting, however, is the fact that Google is actively monitoring its activity. As the designers and engineers see how the page is used and what features are most popular, they'll begin to evolve all company pages accordingly. In the sense, Toyota is helping to shape the future of the site.

Of course, Rockingham Toyota would expect nothing less of Toyota. After all, we're talking about the automaker that helped mold the hybrid segment, with the legendary Toyota Prius.

Either way, you can bet that everyone at 354 Main Street Salem, New Hampshire 03079 will be keeping a close eye on the Toyota Google+ page in the near future. It can be found at, and Rockingham Toyota highly recommends giving them a +1 if you have a Google+ account.

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