A New Social Network Exclusive to Toyota Owners

There's Twitter. There's Facebook. There's MySpace...LinkedIn...Buzznet...Athlinks...And now, with the help of Microsoft, Toyota is setting up their own social networking site so that drivers can interact with their car as they would... say... Twitter or Facebook. Also helping launch the new social networking site coined "Toyota Friend" is San Francisco-based

"Toyota Friend" was recently demonstrated in a Tokyo showroom where an owner of a plug-in Prius received a message from his hybrid, named "Pre-boy", advising him to charge his car overnight. When plugged in, the "Pre-boy" responded, "The charge will be…

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Toyota Puts Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

Electric vehicles (EVs) have a lot of appeal. They're clean, they require zero petrol and as automaker's work to prove they're cool, they offer a fresh, futuristic look. That said, there is something about EVs, which many drivers find unattractive. That is the ever-present inconvenience of charging their power cells.

Happily, given a recent partnership between Toyota and WiTricity, future EV owners might never have to deal with the frustration that comes…

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Toyota Gives ETA for Return to Pre Disaster Production Levels

Toyota recently resumed half-time production at all of its facilities across Japan. Certainly a very exciting day, but with no word on when full production would resume.

Now we know.  CEO, Akio Toyoda has revealed that Toyota Motor will not return to pre-disaster production levels until the end of the year.

We were shocked, too. This time frame is by far the longest forecasted, yet.

At this point, 17 plants in Japan are working only at half volume and plants overseas at just 40 percent. Toyota reports that all of its Japanese facilities will continue half-speed operations at least through…

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