Toyota Prius Lineup Named 2012 Best Green Car to Buy

Each year GreenCarReports picks the most eco-friendly vehicle in the world and names it the "Best Green Car to Buy." This year, however, they had a hard time picking because their choice for the winner wasn't merely one vehicle, but rather a whole lineup of cars. confused? It's to be expected, but that's why Rockingham Toyota is here to shed some light on the issue.

More specifically, the Prius family of vehicles…

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Toyota Fun-Vii: Better Than a Smartphone

Technology has become such a vital part of the lives of young adults that it is almost as though they are more concerned about their Smartphones and Facebook accounts than getting behind the wheel of a car. And in all honesty, we can't blame them. Smartphones and social media platforms allow this generation to stay connected to all their friends and family without having to use their precious free time driving to see friends…

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