Toyota Fun-Vii: Better Than a Smartphone

Technology has become such a vital part of the lives of young adults that it is almost as though they are more concerned about their Smartphones and Facebook accounts than getting behind the wheel of a car. And in all honesty, we can't blame them. Smartphones and social media platforms allow this generation to stay connected to all their friends and family without having to use their precious free time driving to see friends and family who may no longer live as close as they once did. But are quite surprised that something hasn't been done to fuse together the impressive technology of a Smartphone and the utility of a vehicle. Is it even possible?

Well, Toyota is determined to combine the two sophisticated technologies.  The Japanese automaker's goal is to gain the attention of would-be teen drivers throughout the world in an effort to peal them away from their Smartphones and put them behind the wheel of a car. The solution? The Toyota Fun-Vii, the Japanese automaker's new concept car.

What's with the name? In addition to sounding extremely contemporary, the name has the ability to capture a piece of the Japanese automaker's former "Fun to Drive" motto, while infusing it with the three characteristics that the concept embodies: Vehicle, interactive, Internet (Vii).

While the Vehicle piece is self-explanatory, Toyota understands that the Interactive and Internet components might not be as easily understood.  First, the Toyota Fun-Vii is interactive because it offers the driver to utilize a digital concierge, which actually pops up from the dashboard as a hologram.

In addition, drivers are also given the ability to customize almost the entire car on a whim, including the vehicle's exterior. Drivers can download skins that are displayed on the car's exterior as easily as they would download an app on their Smartphone. Drivers can also control interior lighting by adjusting the brightness and color.  To keep it simple, the vehicle is always changing and connected.

Sounds a tad too "techie" for you?  Don't stress, the new Toyota models that you already know and adore aren't going anywhere anytime soon. We encourage you to come take your favorite Toyota model for a spin at Rockingham Toyota (located at 354 Main Street Salem, New Hampshire 03079) today.

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