Bentley is hanging out with the good people at SARL

December 13th, 2018 by

A little about me:

I am an active, fun-loving, sweet as pie 7-year-old boy.   My ancestors are of the Doberman Pinscher, Retriever, and Labrador breeds.  I have energy for days and can cuddle with the best of them!   You might look at me and think-73 lbs, no way he’s a lap dog!   You’re wrong!  I am a lap dog!  I enjoy playing fetch with tennis balls and chewing on my Nylabones.  I hang out with my favorite K-9 staff member, Maggie, and a bunch of cats at SARL a lot.  Maggie is letting me crash in her comfy home at night while I recover from surgery.  Oh yeah, I recently got neutered and had a big fat tumor removed!  I opted out of chemo and am currently taking the pain-free route.  I’m on this cool grain-free diet (all the cool dogs are doing it).  Maggie is great and all but I’d love to find a permanent home that could Adopt me!  That would sure be something!  I hate to brag (no I don’t) but I survived Cancer and live with Lyme disease which hasn’t slowed me down a bit!  Take a chance on me, would ya?

About you:

  • Loves to snuggle and play fetch
  • Lyme disease and the possibility of cancer coming back do not scare you away
  • No fear of the unknown (when it comes to me!)
  • Loves a handsome, mature, largish dog climbing all over you (occasionally)
  • Willing to adopt an amazingly handsome dog with male pattern baldness


The Vet gave me a pretty great prognosis: She stated that she sees many dogs with mast cell tumors live out healthy and happy lives without major complications. She is hopeful that I will be one of these cases!

I am waiting for someone with a strong stature and heart to come by and sweep me off to my next adventure.  You can find me in Salem New Hampshire at Salem Animal Rescue League.  Drop them a line or give them a call and make sure I’m there before you stop by.  I have a pretty exciting life right now as you can imagine!