An Accomplishment 20 Years in the Making

March 26th, 2014 by

Confucius once said: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” –

After 20 years of working at Rockingham Motors, Cheryl Desrosiers can safely say that she’s chosen a job she truly loves. Cheryl has been a model employee for twenty years now, and has certainly become an asset to the Rockingham family. A monumental career milestone like this is quite the accomplishment. Even Brody was there to celebrate the occasion!

How is it possible to stay at one company for so long? For Cheryl and many of us alike, family is the number one priority. When asked why she has chosen Rockingham as her home for the last 20 years, Cheryl said:

“I can honestly say what has kept me here is the family. We are a family here at the Rock! I have gone through many changes in my life during the 20 years, including raising children and they have always been my first priority!! The Horgan family are of the same belief and that’s what has kept me here for so many years!”

Though 20 years can hold a lifetime’s worth of memories, Cheryl pointed out: “Any time I needed time out that involved my children, whether it be Dr.’s appointments or adjusting my time for sitters, Emmett has always been most accommodating and understanding. I am a single parent and even though they are all grown now, that is what I remember most!”

It has been a pleasure working with Cheryl over the years & we look forward to many more to come! Thank you for being part of the Rockingham family for the past 20 years. We truly are grateful to have an employee like you.

Cheryl & Brody

Pictured: Cheryl Desrosiers & Brody

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