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Toyota Helps Hurricane Sandy Victims

Hurricane Sandy was a devastating storm that hit the Northeastern United States in October of 2012. Toyota has gone out of its way to lend a hand to victims of this horrific storm by providing relief agencies with the help they so desperately need.

Hurricane Sandy

This hurricane was the largest Atlantic hurricane that has ever been recorded with winds spanning 1,100 miles. Estimates of the damage have nearly reached $75 billion which marks it as the second costliest hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean with only Hurricane Katrina causing more monetary damage. In the seven different countries that were…
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What is the Toyota i-Road?

At the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, Toyota revealed the i-Road concept car, reiterating its dedication to battery-powered electric mobility. This new personal mobility vehicle concept is designed for driving in the city. Let's take a more in-depth look at what the Toyota i-Road is.

Details about the i-Road

The i-Road is basically an enclosed motorcycle with 3 wheels, which makes it safer. It's completely powered by a lithium-ion battery, which means it doesn't release carbon emissions and it can travel as far as 30 miles on one charge. The vehicle isn't…
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Toyota Continues with their Green Thumb by Pledging Water Conservation

Toyota has long been known as being an environmentally-friendly brand. They are continuing with their environmental stewardship by partnering with the Wyland Foundation to help promote the importance of conserving natural resources and sustainable living. This partnership is the second year the two have gotten together to launch the Annual National Water Conservation Challenge.

Wyland Foundation

The Wyland Foundation was founded and named for the renowned marine artist Wyland in 1993. This non-profit organization works to promote, preserve and protect the world's marine life, waterways and oceans. They have worked with more than one million children since its beginnings…
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Toyota at the Top of JD Power Dependability List

Toyota's Scion tC was named number one in JD Power's list of most popular cars among young buyers. The car's dominance in 2012 among the youth market proves not only its excellence, but the connection the brand has forged with the youth market from the beginning. 

What is JD Power?

JD Power is a global market research company that has been thriving for decades. The company caters to both consumers and businesses by providing the former the information to help them make decisions and helping the latter find out what their customers want. They do so through…
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Toyota Teams Up With NASCAR

Toyota Racing Development is joining forces with racecar giants NASCAR to create a new app. This collaboration is further evidence of the strong relationship that the two car companies have formed with each other over the years. Making this app is their way of cementing that bond, as well as providing those in the racing industry with an app that will make their jobs both easier and safer.

The Windows App

A third party was necessarily involved in this creative effort and that is Microsoft Corporation. Together, they worked to create this touch-enabled app for Windows 8. The app is…
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Make Every Second Count by Scion Showcase How Great the Brand Really Is

Make Every Second Count is a series of short videos by filmmaker Doug Pray. The director teamed up with the Scion to highlight eight different individuals who each follow their passions with earnestness and commitment. They also happen to do so using the Scion as their vehicle. Through Make Every Second Count, the viewer sees how valuable the Scion is to the great lifestyles of these people and how it can bring that same influence to their lives.

Strong but Subtle Advertising

The video series does serve as an advertisement for the Scion in many ways. Throughout each clip, we…
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Is a Scion FR-S Convertible in the Works?

There's a lot to love about the Scion FR-S, but for all of its fun sporty feel, it has always lacked the one iconic "fun car" attribute that everyone wants: a convertible top. It didn't seem like Toyota was going to listen, until a few surprising pictures showed up online, snapped by an eagle eyed enthusiast.

Sneaky Photographer!

While rumors had been circulating about the convertible for quite awhile, with many industry experts saying it was an obvious move, there hadn't been any real certainty that Toyota would go for it. That is, until a photographer managed…
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Toyota Prius Teams Up to Build New Concept Bicycle

Toyota impressed car buyers and industry experts alike at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show. They put a highly innovative model on display which, instead of a car, is a hybrid-electric bicycle called the Prius X Parlee. Like hybrid cars, this hybrid bicycle was created to improve the efficiency and environmental impact of the ordinary bicycle.

Development of the Prius Bicycle

Although it had its official debut at the Auto Show, the Prius X Parlee has been in development since 2011. Since then, Toyota has been keeping customers up to date on the bike's development. The…
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Scion iQ Perfect Vehicle for Young Drivers


The Scion car brand has referred to itself as the "youth car brand" since its introduction in 2002. Ever since then, the Scion has proven itself to be one of the best and most preferred cars for young drivers, especially teenagers who are relatively new to the highways. Here are some reasons why the Scion iQ, in particular, is the perfect vehicle for young drivers.

Low Cost

The first reason is because of the Scion iQ's considerably lower cost. The 2012 Scion iQ is currently priced at $16,020, according to Scion's official website. This fact is just…
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Toyota Aims to Attract a Larger Market for Truck Line

Toyota has realized that there is quite a monopoly in the pickup sector of the auto industry. It doesn't belong to them but to GM, Ford, and Chrysler. Toyota is trying to combat this issue by enacting significant updates on and attracting a larger market to their pick-up trucks, drawing the very faithful buyers of the aforementioned trucks.

2014 Toyota Tundra

The truck that Toyota has been focusing their talents and attention on has been the Tundra. The full-size pickup has been revitalized in order to beat the ever-present competition. When the Tundra debuted in 2007, it made an…
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