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Just A Few Short Weeks From Moving Into Our New Home

February 19, 2015  -  Week 36 of Construction

Our new Toyota building is almost ready to go! The flooring has been set, couches for the customer lounges have been installed and the offices are starting to look like offices. The main showroom is beginning to come together with desks and stations set in place along with the new floor ties and ceiling lights. Check it out:

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One Month Until Our Grand Opening

January 2, 2015  -  Week 29 of Construction

2015 is finally here! What a year it's been. With the construction entering the final stretch, the building just about 30 days from the grand opening! The ground has been PAVED and the building looks like a new dealership! Take a peek:

As the end of the month grows near, the new dealership is looking better and better! We are extremely excited for our Grand Opening later?
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Introducing Our New Toyota Showroom

November 19, 2014  -  Week 23 of Construction

With the completion of the building nearing 50 days away, our new building is beginning to look like home! The construction team at Jewett Construction has nearly completed the exterior portion of the building... as shown below:

The glass windows of the Toyota showroom are in place! The building looks fantastic and the interior designing is already underway. The next step is....
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Cement is Poured and the Interior Designing Begins

October 7, 2014  -  Week 17 of Construction

The ground has been poured and the interior construction has begun! The exterior of the building is beginning to look like a car dealership as the open face walls will be made of crystal clear glass when all is said and done.

The service department (to the far right in blue) will have a drive-thru for you to bring your vehicle right into the garage! That part of?
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Scion Racing Introduced the New FR-S Speedster

Image Source
This past April, Toyota unveiled its latest venture: the Scion FR-S Speedster. This is the first racing vehicle associated with Scion, and has been custom designed Iacono Design and Carte Customs. The car's features nod to vintage Toyota designs, but otherwise the vehicle is entirely unique. While currently just a concept car, Toyota hopes to eventually make the model practical enough for mass-market sales.

Features and Function

While this Scion racing car?
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5 Reasons Why the Toyota Prius is a Great Family Vehicle

The Toyota Prius was the first mass produced hybrid vehicle that was commercially available. There have been several models of the Prius released in the last two years including the Prius V (an extended hatchback wagon), the Prius C (a subcompact hatchback) and the Prius plug-in hybrid. The Prius family of vehicles is a great choice for families for several reasons.


Families of all sizes will appreciate the eco-friendly features of the Toyota Prius?
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How the Toyota Scion Has Grown Up

Toyota released the Scion nearly ten years ago with much fanfare and high hopes of success, particularly among younger drivers. With the collapse of the economy and the automotive industry, however, Toyota has had to reconsider its marketing tactics and revamp its vision for this particular model. As a result, over the past several years, the Scion's image has matured in a variety of ways, and has been pitched to a wider audience at…
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Toyota '100 Cars for Good' Voting Kicks Off

We here at Rockingham Toyota, serving the greater Salem, New Hampshire area, have been following the 2012 Toyota '100 Cars for Good' program ever since we first heard about it. A follow up to last year's successful philanthropic event, the Japanese automaker plans to give away 100 new cars to 100 deserving nonprofit groups over the course of, you guessed it, 100 days.

At this point, Toyota has taken in the applications, and narrowed…

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